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Sweet images plague my dreams
Granting me a chance of escape

But taken away with whirls of screams
Throwing me back into my realm of reality

My eternal punishment is a secret not unknown.
To martyrdom those suffering for their sins to be

Written in vines of flames that will forever weave throughout
Their revived withering bodies.

Forever in pain but they will never die.
I watch them as they beg. I feel and feed
Off of their pain.

But none of their pain is strong enough to cover mine.
Just one little distraction, one small fix.
Like a drug that keeps your thirst barely quenched.
Their velvety pain washes over my body and in that
Moment mine leaves me.
Just a moment.
A moment longer,

Angelic pictures rush through my dream
Providing me with a moment of escape
But only for a moment.
Sweet images that plague my dreams
Why do you haunt me the most?
I feel like this one didnt turn out as good as it could have been. Tell me if you see places in need of improvement please. If you read this please try to guess who this is. Its not hard :p
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is this self talking to self? the half admiring, sickening desire, the other loathing and to dissinigrate the thoughts? Both so addicted.
desicions, desicions
Katrinadoesntknow Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
good guess but I am not gonna tell you. but did I do a good job?
you r surpassing me, nd dont tell no one, but im kinda jellin.... =[
Katrinadoesntknow Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Actually my vision challenged friend I am so far from surpassing you that you are about to surpass me again so it looks like I am in front of you
and bullshit doesnt work because i already lost.
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July 22, 2010
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